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One-Piece Joint Knife Set


  • Lightweight and extremely comfortable in the hand
  • Patent-pending, full-length internal tang that has been robotically welded at three points of contact for extreme durability
  • Hollow-grind provides proper flex point midway up the stainless steel blade (versus near the handle)
  • Outstanding feel for fast application rates, optimum blade control, and smoother finishes

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This 3-piece DEWALT drywall joint knife set includes 4″, 5″ and 6″ drywall joint knives.

DEWALT one-piece stainless steel joint knives are lightweight and extremely comfortable in the hand. They feature a patent-pending, full-length internal tang that has been robotically-welded at three points of contact for extreme durability. Their one-piece stainless steel construction and mirror-polished seams ensure easy cleanup while their ergonomically-designed handle ensures all-day comfort on the jobsite.

DEWALT One-Piece Stainless Steel Joint Knives feature a hollow-grind which provides a proper flex point midway up the blade (versus near the handle). Their outstanding feel provides for fast application rates, optimum blade control and a smoother finish.


  • Includes 3 Sizes: 4″ / 5″ / 6″
  • 100% premium stainless steel for corrosion resistance.
  • Patent-pending full tang blade – tang goes beyond the hang hole in the handle.
  • Robotically welded at three points of contact.
  • Unique, hollow grind at mid blade ensures optimal mid-blade flex.
  • Precision ground blade edge.
  • Ergonomically-designed handle for comfortable, all-day use on the jobsite.
  • Robotically-welded handle mirror polished until seamless.
  • Oversized, integrated hang hole.


Buy this DEWALT joint knife and compare for yourself. We back all of our tools with the best warranties in the industry and they are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.


DEWALT drywall finishing hand tools are sharp. Store them out of reach of children!


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