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Drywall Taping Tool Set | Ultimate

Everything You Need

$6,284.00 $5,969.99

  • This automatic drywall tool set includes everything you need for professional drywall taping and finishing results.
  • DEWALT automatic drywall tools are backed by the industry’s leading 10-year warranty.

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This DEWALT Drywall Taping Tool Set is for the finisher who demands the very best. 


Automatic Drywall Taper | Features hard-coat anodizing for extreme durability and easy cleanup. Precision-machined from high-grade billet aluminum that’s resistant to corrosion and premature breakdown.

MudShot Compound Applicator Tube | Eliminates the strain of manually pushing the compound out of the tool during the traditional finishing process with a corner applicator box. Oversized clear polycarbonate compound chamber provides outstanding capacity for less trips back to the pump.

DEWALT Flat Boxes | DEWALT drywall flat boxes efficiently apply an even, consistent layer of joint compound to taped flat and butt joints on walls and ceilings. Feather joint edges to perfection.

DEWALT Drywall Compound Pump | Features a longer body design than other standard models to accommodate more bucket sizes.

DEWALT Drywall Corner Tools | This set includes all the drywall finishing tools necessary to tape, roll and finish corners. Hard-coat anodized, premium grade aluminum components offer outstanding durability.

GUARANTEED TOUGH® | DEWALT Automatic Drywall Tools are backed by the industry’s leading 10-year warranty and DEWALT‘s Nationwide Service Network.

This Drywall Taping Tool Set Includes:

  • Corner Roller (2-707)
  • Gooseneck (2-714)
  • 3″ Corner Finisher (2-733)
  • 3.5″ Corner Finisher (2-734)
  • Automatic Drywall Taping (2-760)
  • 7″ Standard Flat Box (2-764)
  • 10″ Standard Flat Box (2-765)
  • 12″ Standard Flat Box (2-766)
  • Joint Compound Pump (2-771)
  • MudShot Compound Applicator (2-772)
  • 40″ – 62″ Flat Box Extension Handle (2-780)
  • 30″ – 42″ Flat Box Extension Handle (2-781)
  • 23″ – 32″ Flat Box Extension Handle (2-782)
  • 36″ – 54″ Extendable Handle w/ Corner Roller Adapter
  • 39″ – 57″ Extendable Handle w/ Corner Finisher Adapter


All DEWALT Automatic Drywall Taping & Finishing Tools are proudly backed by our Industry-Leading 10 Year Warranty.


Buy this Premium DEWALT Automatic Drywall Tool Set and compare for yourself. We back all of our tools with the best warranties in the industry and they are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Have questions about your DEWALT Automatic Drywall Tool Set? Send us as an email ( or give our toll-free support line a call (800.820.0647). If you need any assistance, parts or tool maintenance, our service center is located in Kansas and our technical experts are just a call away.


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